5 reasons to try testpaper.ai

"t.ai is testing you as well as teaching you. Focusing your attention less on the results but rather on your weaker topics, you learn and gain mastery faster."

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Clear and comprehensive explanations to improve students’ understanding

Work on past years school english exam papers and get them graded instantly! Not only that, get detailed explanations to answers provided by qualified educators!

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Learn smarter with Artificial intelligence

Revising can be a real chore, especially if it’s repetitive. There’s so much to do, over a wide range of topics and it’s seemingly endless. What if we can make learning more efficient? Our artificial intelligence engine identifies and recommends the questions you need to work on.

Our A.I. recommender engine will provide real-time analysis and reinforce faster learning by engaging students based on their strengths and weaknesses. Work smarter, not harder.

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Personalised environment for each student

Multiple children in a family can use t.ai. Each child can create their own learning profile on the device. Each can have their own personalised virtual space so that learning and analysis of their progress can be their own. Each account can accommodate up to 5 learning profiles.


Three modes of Learning: Exam, Topical or A.I. Worksheet

Since every child learns differently, it is critical that we focus more on the child than the content. To increase their engagement on our app, we provide three different modes of practice. Your child can choose between Exam, Topical or A.I. Worksheet modes. They can choose how they like to learn.


Analytics Dashboard: Let motivation be fueled by progress, not results

Your child can interpret their learning advancement after working on test papers and analysis of their results will be shown in a simple and visual way so that even young learners can have a good understanding of their progress. Clean and concise dashboard give you trends at-a-glance.

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Learning Anytime,

Simple, easy-to-use and enjoyable mobile learning app for the on-the-go learner.

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